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Meet Marcus & Natalie

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Marcus Roper

Founder and Principal

Natalie Roper

Architect, Interior Designer, & Sales Agent


The dynamic real estate duo of Marcus and Natalie Roper, your premier partners for luxury property transactions in Central Texas. With their deep-rooted connection to Austin and a wealth of expertise, Marcus and Natalie bring an unrivaled combination of skills to the table.


A true Austinite through and through, Marcus Roper is not only a native of this vibrant city but also a seasoned Real Estate Broker with a profound understanding of the local market trends. With an extensive background in real estate, Marcus has a keen eye for identifying opportunities and a track record of successful transactions that speaks volumes about his dedication and proficiency.


Complementing Marcus’s prowess is Natalie Roper, a licensed Architect, Interior Designer, and Real Estate Agent. Her unique blend of creative vision and industry insight allows her to transform properties into captivating spaces, resonating with potential buyers on a profound level. Natalie’s holistic approach ensures that every home is meticulously prepared for listing, resulting in a distinctive edge in the competitive luxury market.

Unparalleled Service

Together, Marcus and Natalie are a powerhouse team, working seamlessly to orchestrate seamless and rewarding real estate experiences. Their specialization in luxury property sales across Central Texas underscores their commitment to excellence. Whether you’re buying or selling, their personalized service, innovative strategies, and intimate knowledge of the local landscape guarantee a journey that’s as smooth as it is successful.

Elevate your real estate endeavors with Marcus and Natalie Roper. With a heritage rooted in Austin and a vision that extends beyond, they are the ultimate choice for unlocking the full potential of your Central Texas luxury property transactions.

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Our experience speaks volumes

Meet the Principal

Marcus Roper is your Golf Course Listing and Relocation expert. Marcus’ market knowledge began at birth. Marcus’ father was and still is a prominent real estate developer and Broker in the Austin area. He is a second-generation Real Estate Broker. Mentorship from homebuilders, architects, developers, and real estate agents/brokers to prepare him for his career began at an early age. Marcus attended TCU’s prestigious Fellows Program at the Neeley School of Business School and graduated Magna Cum Laude with Honors degrees in Finance & Information Systems.

After Graduation, Marcus accepted a position in Dallas at Goldman Sachs within the Realty Management Division, working on underwriting portfolio assets for acquisition and disposition. This position furthered his knowledge of valuing real assets on all levels and grasping macro and microeconomic trends that affect residential properties as well. While trapped in the GS angst dungeon, Marcus had a revelation while looking at Austin’s market trends. He planned to always return to Austin and get his brokerage license for a career in residential real estate.

Marcus moved to Austin and began working as a real estate agent selling luxury new-construction golf course homes in Barton Creek using his vast social network from living in Austin and his time at TCU and Goldman. Marcus not only sold these golf course properties but also assisted in the development of the subdivision, the construction of the homes, the selection of finishes based on the market demand, and securing commercial financing for the deal.

Having both breadth and depth of experience in real estate has given Marcus the edge in the Austin residential market. He has a true understanding of how a home is put together, knows the difference between quality and low-cost materials, the birth and history of each golf course community in Austin (and the surrounding areas), many of the families in these communities, and has exclusive off-market access to properties that will never even hit the open market.

Marcus has received several of the most prestigious designations in the real estate industry:

He is a GUILD-recognized Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS). Recognized as the mark of accomplishment in luxury markets worldwide, the CLHMS designation assures affluent buyers and sellers that the agents who have earned it have the knowledge, experience, competence, and confidence they require. CLHMS designation is awarded to Institute Members with documented sales performance in the top 10% of their market.

He has the Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR).

Marcus is also a certified e-PRO® in the real estate industry. With the e-PRO® certification, he increases his ability to reach customers, expand his capabilities, and build trust by safeguarding client information.

Marcus is a member of Austin Country Club (ACC) and Barton Creek Country Club (BCCC). Marcus grew up at ACC and began playing golf at a young age. Marcus understands golf, communities around golf, luxury homes, and how to best market and negotiate on these properties.

The Westhorn Mission

To value and serve clients effectively by providing a boutique, personalized experience throughout each of their real estate transactions. Through these experiences, Westhorn will form lifelong real estate partnerships with its clients.

The real estate industry is ever-changing and heavily reliant upon technology and accurate information. Unfortunately, not all information on the internet related to real property is regulated as intended. Having a real estate team of trusted professionals to back you up, give you confidence, and guide you is a major key in finding success in buying or selling property.

The Westhorn Vision

To become a recognizable brand in the central Texas market, representing professionalism, consistency, and adding an edge to its clientele through hiring extraordinary professionals and keeping a track record of success.

The Westhorn Values

There are three key values that Westhorn holds above all others:

dedication.   integrity.   leadership.

Dedication: members of our team will persevere through tough tasks and hard deadlines for our clients. Many times, a home purchase will be the largest amount of money anyone disburses in their lifetime. We want to make sure our clients know we are hard at work around the clock.

Integrity: The relationship Westhorn has with its clients is of paramount importance. Long-term business and partnerships go hand-in-hand with Westhorn’s mission and vision statements. Without trust, business becomes exponentially more difficult.

Leadership: Westhorn values leadership in its team members and clients—the qualities of leadership breed business success. Service leadership is something Westhorn values greatly.

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